Stop Saying “I Can’t Do It”! Instead, Start Doing This Today!

Stop Saying I Can't

Your mind is a powerful weapon!

The people who don’t understand its power are the ones who will hurt themselves all the time. If you think of the mind as a sword or dagger, the way most people use theirs is by swinging it around wildly without any proper aim or plan. Sure, they might defeat an enemy sometimes, but more likely they’ll end up cutting and bruising themselves many times over along the way.

It’s the death by a thousand cuts.

Many good people have a tough time because they use their minds against themselves instead of in their favor. The other day, I covered 3 bad mindsets to get out of immediately. Today I’m gonna cover a phrase I don’t want to hear out of your mouth again after this!

That’s the phrase “I can’t”.

How to Get In Shape

Let’s use your body as an analogy.

The path to getting into shape is pretty straightforward. You start by minding your diet so that you don’t get too much junk into your body. And you supplement that with regular exercise to build up your muscles and grow stronger. And then you do those 2 things consistently.

It’s not rocket science.

Even if you don’t like exercising, you know it’s important for you if you want to stay in shape and be as healthy as you can be. There are plenty of alternatives to going to the gym, but you need to stay active throughout your days to get or stay fit.

You understand this about the body.

However, the same thing goes for your mind as well.

If you want to succeed at a higher level in your career as well as your personal life, you need to exercise your mind as well! Physical exercise increases your chances of having great health, mental exercise increases your chances of having success at pretty much everything else!

If you don’t train your mind, you’ll stay stuck where you are.

Why You Need to Stop Saying I Can’t

So why do I bring up mental exercise?

The fact is that by saying “I can’t” you automatically shut down your brain. It’s an easy out. Not just an out towards other people, but more importantly an out to yourself. You’re literally telling yourself that you’re powerless against something and that it is no use to think about.

And you’re wasting your fucking potential this way!

It pains me to see and hear that so many people say this about themselves while in reality, it is only their limiting beliefs that hurt them. Whatever your dream is, if there is ANYONE in the world who has achieved it, then so can you! But you gotta get your mind sorted out!

So stop saying you can’t do it!

What to Do Instead?

So what can you do instead of saying you can’t do something?

It’s simple actually:

Instead of saying “I can’t” you’re going to ask yourself “How can I?”

It’s all about that mental exercise.

When you tell yourself that you can’t do it, it shuts off your thinking. You’re done. However, when you ask yourself “How can I do this?” then you’re putting your mind to work. You’re literally getting yourself to sit down and to come up with solutions for the problem you’re facing.

Get yourself in this habit today!

It’s pretty common to see people complaining about problems that they are having in their lives. However, if you ask them how they are solving those problems, people rarely have an answer. They either think that it’s just the way it is, or they think they are incapable of solving that issue. It’s that “I can’t”mentality.


The magic fairy of the forest isn’t coming to save you! Santa is not going to bring you a brand new life this Christmas. If you want to improve yourself and your life, it’s on you to come up with ideas to solve your issues and then take action to actually do those things!

But even if you don’t find a solution right away, you’re training your mind.

Problem-solving is an incredibly valuable skill to have!

What to Do Next

Here’s what I think you should do right now:

Think of an area in your life where you have been making excuses or have been saying you can’t do something or have something. Those are your best starting points. If you think you can’t afford to invest, think about ways in which you can save money or make more.

You know your life best, so you know where your pain points are.

Start with those areas and put your mind to work. You will find that once you open up your mind to the possibilities, there are way fewer impossible things than you might think. Just don’t give yourself that easy way out by saying “I can’t do it”! Put your mind to work and figure things out.

It’s all in your power!

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