How to Get Anything You Want: The 3 Currencies of Life

Life's 3 Currencies

Life is easy, people just make it complex!

How to get anything in life is simple in the essence, but often overcomplicated by people. There are 3 main currencies of life that are available to you with which you can get anything else!

They are:

Time, Money and Skills.

The 3 Currencies of Life

I know it sounds simple, but let’s make sure everyone is on the same page here.


When I say money I don’t mean a single currency. It doesn’t matter if it’s dollars, euros, pesos, yen, or bottlecaps. As long as you can buy things with it, it counts as money.


The most precious currency in life!

Whereas you can always get more money, once a second is spent, you can never get it back! Any time you spend on useless stuff that doesn’t make you happy is time you could have spent on better things instead.


Your knowledge has great value!

This is the 3rd of life’s currencies, and it refers to any know-how, useful knowledge as well as skills that you may have. It could be pretty much anything.

This is a special currency as well, because your skills and knowledge only build up! Time and money can only be spent once, but if you use your skills to do something once, you still have that knowledge and can use it again!

That’s why it’s the most valuable of the 3 currencies.

How to Get the Main 3 Currencies

Life's 3 Currencies

Ready for a truth so simple that many people overlook it?

Life revolves around these 3 main currencies.

In order to enhance your life, you should own all 3 of them. Of course the amounts and allocations will differ from 1 person to the other.

Now here’s the key:

Whenever you want to get one of 3 main currencies, you do so by trading it for 1 or more of the other currencies. The most common one is the way most people buy things.

Guess what?

Whenever you buy something in the store, you’re NOT actually paying with money. Instead, in order to get that money, you have paid with your time as well as your skills.

In other words, your job.

You give up hours of your day and in exchange you get money.

Another example would be what you’re doing right now! You are using your time to learn something new about life! It’s one of the most productive ways to use the internet!

Additionally, you can use money to buy knowledge and skills (coaching, courses, etc.). So in this way you’re using time (and possibly) money to get the other currency: Skills.

How to Get More Time!

Time is a special one, because it’s finite.

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However, there is a way for you to get more time. And again, it is by using the 2 other currencies of life! Now, this may seem complicated so allow me to explain.

Let’s go back to the job.

While you are selling your time, your boss is BUYING it! Your boss is using his/her money and skills in business to free up his own time. He doesn’t have enough to do everything himself, and there you are!

If you’re a business owner you can do the same.

Especially if you’re able to hire someone (a manager) to handle the running of the business. Then you could be doing whatever you want with the time that you bought for yourself.

Another option would be investing.

In this case you’re first using your knowledge as well as your money to make even more of it. With the extra money coming in, you don’t have to sell as much time to make enough to maintain your lifestyle.

See how that works?

How to Get Anything Else in Life

By now, you know how you really pay for stuff (your time).

However, this principle isn’t limited to just materialistic stuff. You can apply the same principle. In this case you’ll be using a combination of life’s 3 main currencies to get whatever it is that you want.

For example, let’s say you want to get in a relationship.

You would need to spend time by setting up a dating profile or by going to places to meet someone. You’d also be using your skills in conversation and charisma to charm the other person. And of course you’re spending money on the dates.

But there’s an issue?

What if for whatever reason, you’re unable to get the results?

If you’re unable to get the things you want out of life, it’s because your balance of 1 or more of these 3 currencies is insufficient! That’s how simple it is.

For example:

In the example above, it’s almost always your skills that’s the issue.

Examples of this could be not knowing how to make your profile stand out, knowing how to ask someone out without it being creepy, making a good first impression or things like that.

The solution is to reverse engineer.

You don’t have the required skills to achieve your goal, so you need to spend some time (and possibly money) to obtain the skills you need to get to the next level.

Start there.

Whatever goals you set for yourself, take the moment to think about the skills, time and money you need to achieve that. Once you know that, you can reverse engineer what you can do to start gaining these resources.

So beautiful in its simplicity.

How to Apply This Knowledge

Understanding is one thing, but using this knowledge is a different one.

What I see happening often is that people have dreams and goals, but the currency they lack most of the time is skills. Many people spend their time watching Netflix or other fun things that, in the end, contribute little to their lives.

Remember that your skills only compound!

The more you know, the better you’ll be at making money. An example could be learning something new at your job to make yourself more valuable.

Additionally, you need certain skills for almost anything in life!

Time spent on reading books, blogs, watching videos on YouTube, taking course, etc. is NEVER badly spent time, period. In fact, for many people that is the missing piece of their puzzle.

Because people often think that learning ends after finishing college, while in fact that’s where it starts!

I’m a lifelong learner and reader.

I suggest you become one as well!

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