Unlock Your Energy: The Key to Having More Energy!

How to Have More Energy and Stop Feeling Tired

Have you ever had the experience where you woke up and you were already feeling tired?

Probably, I know I have.

If you have experienced that, have you perhaps also experienced days where you practically leapt out of bed, completely energized and excited?

You probably have had that experience as well.

So, what’s the difference?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this blog post. Settle in because you’re going to learn how to unlock your energy and kick fatigue to the curb! And for my audio/video people, you can also listen to this video as well:

The Prerequisites to Have More Energy

Okay, before we really dive in, let’s get the obvious out of the way:

Obviously, you need proper sleep!

If you are not getting about 8 hours of sleep every night, you need to fix that A.S.A.P.! Not only will you feel tired all the time when you have a sleep deficit, but you’re also damaging your body, brain and immune system!

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep.

Secondly, drink a lot of water!

Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue.

Personally, I aim for at least 4 liters per day. That’s the amount of hydration your brain needs for optimal performance. If you’re constantly feeling tired and you don’t drink a lot of water, start doing so today and you’ll quickly notice a change in your energy!

The Mental Side to Having More Energy

I asked you a question at the beginning of this article.

What is the difference between days when you wake up feeling energized and days when you feel like a zombie?

Answer me this:

When you think about the days when you felt tired (even though you had plenty of sleep), what were you going to do that day?

Think of a few examples.

Now, I’d like you to do the same thing with the days where you woke up fully energized and excited.

Do you notice the difference?

Of course I cannot look into your mind, but I’m willing to be that on your low-energy days, you were going to do something you dread (or at least dislike). On the days where you did have a lot of energy, you were probably going to do something fun or exciting.

Happy Wake Up GIF by Peppa Pig - Find & Share on GIPHY

Wanna know the key to waking up like Peppa here?

How to Have More Energy

Given that you’re well-rested and hydrated, your energy depends on your mind.

When you are doing something that you love to do, are working on goals that excited you and are living in congruence with the person you want to become, your mind gives you the energy you need! Your mind is basically checking for these things and then decides the energy level you’re going to get.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in some high achievers:

Even though they often have schedules that are incredibly demanding, they are simply bristling with energy! The reason for that is that they love what they do and those activities GIVE them energy instead of draining it!

The opposite is unfortunately also true…

When you are not in alignment with your values, goals and activities for the day, your mind disapproves of that. Your mind knows that you’re not doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing and it wants no part in this!

And so, it’s like the “Energy” switch is turned off.

It is basically a signal from your mind telling you to not put any more energy into the thing you’re doing.

Next Steps: Keep Your Energy Up!

Audit your own life:

How often do you have the kinds of days when you feel tired compared to days when you feel energized?

If you have to admit that on most days you do not have the energy levels that you would like, this is an indication that it’s time to make a shift in your life. You’re not in alignment with what you really want to do with your life.

That’s your challenge!

What DO you want to do with your life?
Who Do you want to become?

That’s what you’re going to have to figure out!

Your next step is to find something that you can put your time and energy towards. Something that you love to do and that brings you fulfillment! You need to have goals that excite and inspire you! And I know that’s not the easiest question to answer.

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Life is too short to live it doing something you hate!

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