Get an Instant Confidence Boost Within 2 Minutes!

How to Get an Instant Confidence Boost on Demand

2 minutes…

2 minutes is all it takes to give yourself a boost in confidence! There is a specific and instant constant boost that you can use whenever you need it the most.

I would consider it a “hack” so to speak.

Just note that true confidence comes with knowing that you are fully capable and comfortable to handle the situation you’re going into. It’s why a single person can be confident in 1 situation and terrified in another.

This instant confident booster is a temporary effect.

I want to make that clear.


If you use it, not only will it make you come across as more confident to other people. Your body will also release testosterone and other hormones that make us feel more confident.

How to Get an Instant Confidence Boost on Demand!

The Guided Walkthrough

Here’s how to get the best result when doing this:

Writing about this method will rob you of much of the benefits, so instead I have created a video that talks you through the process of feeling and being more confident in the moment.

Do this alongside the video for the first time, and afterward you can do it alone.

Make sure you have these 2 things:

  • Privacy. I want you to be completely comfortable in this moment.
  • Space. You need to be standing for this, and preferably have some space to move around.

If you’re all set, watch this video where I’ll guide you through:

After you’ve gone through the process, you now know how to hack your own confidence to give you that boost whenever you need it! The effect is almost instant and powerful!

One final tip here:

Get into the habit of thinking about your body language and posture!

If you’re in a presentation or a group setting, how do you carry yourself around?

Are you making yourself seem small with your body language or are you taking up more space. Does your body language signal confidence, or the lack thereof?

Think about this and shift your body around!

Not only does your mind influence your body, but your body influences your mind as well, so if you use this confidence booster, not only will you look more confident, you will feel more confident too!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Become More Confident Right Away

Can’t watch the video right now?

In that case you can read the entire method down below, so that you can do this whenever you need that extra confidence!

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, go somewhere where you won’t be interrupted, for the first time you do this exercise at least. Once you’re used to it, you’ll be more comfortable doing this in public too.

What I want you to do is stand up and close your eyes.

What I want you to do is think back to a moment in time where you felt incredibly confident. One of those moments where you felt invincible!

Really step into that moment.

If you see the moment play out as if you were an outsider, try to switch it around so that you’re in the moment and looking through your own eyes. Notice how that feels different.

Found your confidence?


What I need you to do now is take on that same body language and feelings.

Stand the way you stood in that moment, feel the emotions that were going through you. Actually, change the way you stand to be the same as the way you were standing back then.

The second part is your facial expressions.

If you’ve done the first (or when you do so), you will probably notice yourself smiling automatically. But if that’s not the case, then take the moment to get this part right too.

Make sure your face expresses happiness, pride, love, euphoria, confidence or other strong positive emotion.

The 3rd and part is your anchor.

What was going through your head at the time?

That’s what I want you to think about and ask yourself. Then take the word or phrase that comes to mind. It could be something like a “Hell yeah! or “I’m on top of the world!

Take whatever feels good to you and make that your anchor.

Next step, practice:

With these 3 things in mind, I want you to stand the way you stood back then, positive facial expression and then shout your anchor, your phrase of power!

You can even add a power movement as well, like a cheer or a fist pump.

Even if it’s for just a few seconds, I want you to completely imagine and relive that moment of confidence.

Then do it again!

Repeat this a few times and notice how you find yourself having more and more energy and feeling better with every time you repeat your power phrase and gesture!

Here’s what it does:

In your mind you want to link this gesture as well as your anchor phrase to feeling incredibly confident. In time, whenever you do this, you should instantly be feeling that very same confidence whenever you do this.

It works as a link to summon those emotions.

Summoning Your Courage Boost!

So here’s what to do next time you need it:

Just find a quiet place somewhere, perhaps a bathroom right before you have to make a pitch or a couple of minutes before a first date. Anywhere where you won’t be interrupted for a minute or two.

And go through the steps above.

If you don’t feel secure about shouting in some random place, then do it with just the gesture and say the phrase firmly in your own mind, it will still have the same kind of effect.

So what if you cannot find the moment to do this?

If for whatever reason, you cannot find the time to activate your instant confidence boost, then just be aware of and use your posture and body language.


Chin up, making yourself bigger instead of smaller, stand firm and up straight, broader stance and things like that!

Remember that your body affects your mind.

Just a few minutes of having positive and confident body language will actually give off the chemicals in your body that make you more confident in that moment!


You can try using power poses, which are special ways of standing or sitting.

The Wonder Woman Pose above is an example.

Just taking a pose like this for one or two minutes will help you get a confidence boost. Personally, I recommend involving your mind as well as I shared with the instant confidence boost in this article.

However, perhaps a simple power pose works better for you.

If you’re not sure, try using both and seeing which one works better for you.

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